Saiichi Sugiyama, Joe Anderton, Julio JAK and Dust Me Down Blues Duo at London’s Troubadour Club 19 January 2019

Moonshine Presents another memorable night of music at London’s famed Troubadour Club, featuring the talents of Julio JAK, Joe Anderton, Saiichi Sugiyama, and the boisterous Dust Me Down Blues Duo.

Tickets here:

Saiichi Sugiyama is a talented singer-songwriter who has supported Josh Smith (US) and Ariel Posen (Canada), including an appearance in 2018 at another of London’s top music venues, Under The Bridge. Saiichi Sugiyama solo plays his own material, some written with Cream lyricist Pete Brown, or hand-picked covers. Elements of Classic Rock, Folk, Blues, Soul, Jazz, and Americana combine in the set of an artist whose many influences include Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young and Paul McCartney and George Harrison. See and Website:

The Dust Me Down Blues Duo is well-known in London’s Blues music scene. Ray Wallen (vocals and harp) and Davide Mazzantini (guitar) regularly dazzle live audiences with their party-propelling mix of Blues, Funk and Gospel!! Online:

Joe Anderton. A prolific songwriter/performer, Joe Anderton’s influences are varied, ranging from Blues, through rock, into Soul and touching on Folk with a hint of Country. His own material takes up a good proportion of his live performance, but everything else has the Joe Anderton style stamped all over. Online: Anderton

Julio JAK is a young guitarist not yet (2018) out of his teens, who has already attracted the attention of Oli Brown and Eric Clapton, and who is making his Troubadour debut in January 2019, as Moonshine Presents seeks to encourage musicians of all ages. Online:


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