Great night at the Green Note in Camden 16th February 2020

Moonshine Presents an entrancing evening of music by three superb acts on 16th February at an award-winning London venue famed for the quality of its performers, the Green Note in Camden. The venue is cool and intimate, a perfect auditorium for the live music experience.

We present Saiichi Sugiyama, Connor Selby and Jade Like The Stone.

JADE LIKE THE STONE, “You have a superstar voice. Your voice sounds like a logo – like Jennifer Hudson’s voice is a logo, like Beyonce’s voice is a logo, Kate Bush’s voice is a logo. You have that uniqueness to your voice!” –

Connor Selby, booked to support The Who at Wembley Stadium in 2019 and on tour in 2020, and also booked to support John Mayall.

Saiichi Sugiyama, “…the touch, playing and songwriting of Saiichi… spawns greatness and deserves plaudits now” – Blues in Britain magazine.

Tickets here.


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